Success Stories

Dog Training Success Stories


K9 Games Reno is excited to announce our latest graduate! Buddy made the jump from yellow to green! This a big step for him. Buddy started coming to us for Day Camp and Training back in the middle of December; for reactivity and social skills while around other dogs. Buddy was very reactive in almost any situation when other dogs were in the vicinity. Now he is in our playgroups and is very social with good manners. His owners have been taking him on walks in areas with many other dogs and report Buddy is just enjoying the walk and not worrying about the other dogs. This is making the walk more enjoyable for his owners, too, as they do not have to worry about him being reactive while passing by other dogs. He is shown here with his owners and trainer Tracy.


A big graduation for a little guy! Peter Parker, the cute little Frenchie being held by his owner, with handler Tracy, made big jump from a yellow dog, to green dog. Peter came to us a very reactive guy towards other dogs, with various triggers that were quite the challenge at first. After spending a lot of time around many different types of dogs in pack walks, treadmills, and playgroups, he has improved immensely. To the point that he can be in many different playgroups and walk right next to the dogs he previously reacted towards. This huge positive jump in his behavior meant he was ready to graduate to being a green dog. Congratulations, Peter!


​Juno is a Lab Mix that came to us in need of basic obedience, confidence, and social skills. From walking well on a leash to being comfortable in a playgroup, she is making improvements in every area of her training. Today, she showed us enough progress, especially in playgroup, to graduate from a yellow dog to a green dog! She is shown here with her owner, and our trainer Ryan. Congratulations Juno!


Red to yellow for quite the fellow! The second of our recent graduates, Dallas received his yellow diploma after graduating from being a red dog! Dallas came to us with fear based reactivity and aggression issues. Ranging from issues being taken out of a kennel by people he did not know, to reacting towards other dogs in tight situations. We started out his rehabilitation by earning his trust, then building his confidence towards dogs and people by utilizing our treadmill, playgroups, and pack walks. Dallas is now being handled by more people and is working his way into more playgroups. He is pictured here with his owner, and handler Tracy. You did it, Dallas! The future is bright for you!


Nova has the green light for success! November 17th was a big day for this sweet Labrador puppy. She graduated from yellow to green, after working through some anxiety and learning her manners. Now she can go into most playgroups and is getting her manners down confidently. Congratulations Nova!


October 22nd was a very big day, for a big red dog by the name of Henry! He started coming in to K9 Games Reno back in April to work on a few issues, the biggest being high prey drive and very high reactivity towards other animals. It was so bad, his owner had to use two different tools to walk him under control. He would even go after other dogs from long distances. Unfortunately, the first eight years of his life were hard ones. Thankfully, a local rescue stepped up last year and brought him out of the bad situation he was in for so long. Henry's rehabilitation was a challenge at times because he got a late start in life. Once things started to click, he started to improve by leaps and bounds, even coming in just one day a week! Today was the culmination of all that hard work, as Henry went into playgroup without a muzzle. This is the start of the next phase of his training: starting out with calmer energy dogs in small groups, then moving into larger groups with various energies. With the success he had today, he was graduated from a red dog, to a yellow dog! He is pictured with his awesome owner, and his trainer, Ryan. Way to go Henry! You are going places buddy!


From an extremely fearful and unruly puppy to a well-balanced and much more confident dog, Bentley is now a trusted member of playgroups and has earned his spot as a green dog at K9 Games Reno. Happy graduation Bentley!! ​ Way to go Henry! You are going places buddy!