Pay It Forward Programs

K9 Games Reno - Pay It Forward Programs

Galgo Podenc Support LogoK9 Games Reno is involved not only in our community but around the world. Through your private donations & our fundraising efforts, like these Events, we have been able to establish the K9 Games Scholarship Fund to help underprivileged dogs and their families to get the training or rehabilitation that is needed for their dog.

In addition, K9 Games supports The Rosa Project, another Pay-It-Forward Rehabilitation program that helps Spanish Podencos, AND dogs in need here in our local community. K9 Games Reno is matching donations to the Rosa Project with equal funding for local rescues. The first two Rosa Project dogs have been funded by Art Paws Reno, K9 Games Reno and Galgo Podenco Support, so with your support, we will be able to continue this Pay-It-Forward program for future dogs. 

Tax-deductible donations can be made for both programs:

-By Credit Card at or GalgoPodencoSupport Facebook at K9 Games Reno
-By Check payable to Galgo Podenco Support (drop off at K9 Games Reno)
-Through PayPal on the GPS Facebook page. (add link)
Be sure to write “For The Rosa Project” on the message line of your donation.