Dog Boot Camp

Dog Boot Camp – Reno, NV



If your dog needs more training than our popular Dog Daycare Camp and Dog Training, we offer now offer boot camps. These boot camps are a much more focused and intensive training option for dogs that require extra training to require the desired results.  In these boot camps, your dog(s) will receive one-on-one training with one of our trainers. The boot camps are not for dogs who just require basic obedience or might misbehave on occasion. Prior to boot camp we require a Meet & Greet to formulate the best plan for success.

Are you experiencing frustration with your dog(s) such as:

  • Possessive tendencies (food, toys, people, etc)
  • Aggressive / Reactive
  • Fear and/or anxiety
  • Fear of objects or sounds
  • Fear of water (summer only)
  • Biting / Chewing / Nipping
  • Leash Manners
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Socialization
  • Jumping
  • Veterinary Care … and any other problems your dog may have

Boot Camp Pricing Details:

  • 5 Day boot camp: $495
  • 10 Day boot camp: $995
  • 15 Day boot camp: $1495
  • 20 Day boot camp: $1895

Dogs Requiring Special Handling (Aggression, Reactivity, etc…):

  • 10 Day boot camp: $1195
  • 15 Day boot camp: $1695
  • 20 Day boot camp: $2095

The weeks are consecutive but, a four-day commitment for the dog in the facility is required and one private session at the end of each training week is required of the owner.

If there is more training required after 20 days, each additional week will be $400, a $100 discount.