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K9 Games Reno is a multi-service dog training, daycare camp, boot camp and athletic facility based in Reno, NV. We are dedicated to lifestyle and behavioral training for dogs and their owners. Opened in December 2015, it was founded by Susan Kijowski and Vicki Rhode. Together they are working towards a goal of helping people and their dogs achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle. To attain this goal, they looked at everything that can affect a dog's well being and came up with the idea of K9 Games Reno.

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Why Choose Our Dog Training Facility in Reno, NV?

As a new concept, the mission of K9 Games Reno is to provide an all-encompassing Dog Training and Athletic Club experience, which encompasses training the mental and physical health of your Dog! We are not your typical dog daycare facility, but rather a behavioral training, exercise, and wellness facility. During the daycare camp experience, your dog's workout would consist of the treadmill, pack walks, confidence building equipment, pool time, core building equipment and small supervised play groups.

Our Mission

The K9 Games Reno mission is to help dogs and their owners achieve a balanced, fulfilled, and happy lifestyle through highly customized lifestyle training. We also want to help our community by preventing dogs from being surrendered into already packed rescues and shelters, due to the number one reason of surrender, lack of or ineffective training.

Our Approach

We focus on behavior coupled with exercise, nutrition and overall wellness of our much loved K9 companions. K9 Games Reno is also a center for education and information to help owners and their dogs achieve the results they are looking for. Our highly-customized training produces better results in a fraction of the time of other approaches. To do this our skilled trainers, who have a strong understanding of K9 language, will look at the current state of the dog. Including the mental and physical health along with nutrition and energy surrounding the dog.

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